FULL COPYRIGHT RELEASE: For an additional fee, to be defined in a separate contract, CLIENT(S) may request transfer of full
Copyright Ownership from NixImages to CLIENT(S). The cost of the copyright release depends on the conditions of the release.
CLIENT(S) grants NixImages, or associated studio, limited copyright ownership for the sole purpose of advertising the studio and/or photographer’s capabilities as well as permission to submit photographs in various competitions. NixImages is prevented from selling any of the photographs for profit without explicit permission of CLIENT(S) in writing. CLIENT(S) may publish or sell the photographs for profit without any notification or further payment to NixImages or associated studio.
CLIENT(S) requests Full Copyright Ownership transfer. NixImages surrenders all copyright ownership rights to the photographs and/or images resulting from this assignment. Original digital files as well as intermediate work files resulting from this assignment will be provided to CLIENT(S) on DVD. Once payment is made and CLIENT(S) receives the digital media, NixImages will be denied the use of any of the photographs for any purpose. Damage and/or loss of any of the images, either hardcopy or in electronic form that are already in the possession of CLIENT(S) cannot be replaced by NixImages. NixImages, or associated studio, will not be held responsible for the inability of CLIENT(S) to use the surrendered RAW Digital and/or intermediate work files. The acquisition of any software and/or hardware necessary for accessing or using RAW Digital and/or intermediate work files is the sole responsibility of CLIENT(S).