Studio Lighting Class

During the 4th session of our studio lighting class we had a the opportunity to secure the services of Megan (aka. Lysandra Midnight) as our model. It sure beat the 40 year old bust of Beethoven that we’ve been using. And while Beethoven is capable of holding a pose for days, he has the same old look. So when Megan agreed to model for the class, I jumped on the opportunity.

For this 4th class, we concentrated on low-key photography where the model, and background were dark. We used a black background, black lace and dark clothing for this session. I’ve posted a few of the images taken by the class participants on this post.

We only had three people in class during this winter session, but then it gave us more time to play and experiment with the lighting. I’ve posted a photo from each person on this post but you can view the remainder of the by clicking on the gallery link at the bottom of this article.

I didn’t have the opportunity do any shooting during this 4th session but I did manage to get a few shots off during our 5th session which was primarily high-key photography.

Megan came back to the studio and brought a wedding gown with her. What better high-key subject than a bride. Well, like I said, I did manage to squeeze out a few shots during this session so I’ll post one of mine below. Next week when I get copies of the photos from the other participants I’ll add them to the gallery and one or two to this post.

You can find the remainder of the photos at the following gallery: Megan, or you can go to the classes area to view some of the previous classes that had models.

If you’re interested in taking a class, the new Spring Schedule is now online. You can go to the  Flower City Arts Center  for a list of classes, dates and costs.