Gadgets for Studio lighting using Hot-shoe flashes

As I mentioned in class, you can easily use hot-shoe flashes for home studio purposes. However, it’s very important the the flash you have or purchase has the ability to be placed in manual and be adjustable for flash output intensity. In one of my previous classes a student went out and bought a Sunpak flash that only worked with the camera in TTL mode only.

Hot-Shoe Flash Accessories:
This is an Ebay Link to a company that sells hot-shoe flash accessories such as grids, snoot, barn doors, etc. You have to select the correct flash adapter since they are model specific. As an example CA-6 is for a Nikon SB900 while the CA-7 is for a Canon 580EX & EX II.

Model        Compatible Flash

CA-1          Nikon SB600, Nikon SB800
CA-2          Canon 430EX – Vivitar DF400MZ
CA-3          Sony F56AM, Nikon SB26/27/28
CA-5          Vivitar 285HV
CA-6         Nikon SB900
CA-7         Canon 580EX II
CA-8          METZ 58AF-1?48AF-1