While I shoot different genres of photography, such as portraits, corporate events, models,
etc., weddings are our specialty. With over four decades of experience, I'm dedicated to
providing quality photography and services at affordable prices.
Give me  a call to schedule a meeting. I'll show you my portfolio and answer any
questions you may have regarding my services and capabilities. Whether your photography budget is small or generous
I can accomodate your needs with the same superb quality. 
About Us
Hi, I'm Nick, and as well as being the owner of NixImages, I'm also the primary photographer. NixImages is
located in the Rochester, NY area and serves Western New York from Syracuse to Buffalo and points south. In
addition to actually being a practicing photographer, I also teach various aspects of photography at the
Flower City Arts Center.
While I'd be grateful if you chose NixImages as your photographer, I understand that photographers have many different styles and
ours may not be in line with your needs. So if our style of photography is not what you have in mind then I'd encourage you to explore
alternate photographers from any of the above organizations. The photographers associated with these professional groups are skilled
practitioners with many years of experience and expertise; you're sure to find a professional whose photographic style is to your liking.
NixImages is a member in good standing with the:

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