Studio 180 Model Shoot

Model Shoot - Liza

Model Shoot Liza

This past weekend John Larkin Photography sponsored a model shoot in downtown Rochester. The participating photographers paired up with one or two models and hit the streets.

The weather was heavily overcast which provided awesome lighting conditions, all that was required was a bit of fill flash.

Our first session’s model was Liza (on right). While I don’t have any of my photos of Liza posted yet, you can visit Liza’s Model Mayhem post here.

Yolonda (below) was one of the models in our 2nd photo session. We did a portion of the session in an alley around the corner from the studio then continued on to the Mt. Hope Cemetery and finally to Village Gate because of the rain. Other than a few jugglers and another couple doing some form of weird exercise or dance, we pretty much had the place to ourselves until a few more of the photographers showed up. The good news is that we were done and headed back to the studio. To see more of my photos of Yolonda, check out her gallery of my shots. and while you’re at it, you can visit Yolonda’s Model Mayhem portfolio.

Model Shoot - Yolonda

Model Shoot – Yolonda

Model Shoot - Darla

Model Shoot – Darla

Our 3rd and final session was in the studio. I had the opportunity to work with Darla (on Right). We had a couple of outfit changes and because of the make-up, I decided to use a machine gun as a prop for some of the poses. For most of the shots we used studio lighting and a gray backdrop. Since the background was relatively easy to remove I decided to replace some of the backgrounds in Photoshop to make the photos more interesting.

To see a few more photos of my photos of Darla, check out this gallery. You can also visit Darla’s Model Mayhem portfolio.