The Seer

I had an idea for a shoot that I wanted to do, so with a little help from ebay (head piece and necklace) and a ceiling lamp fixture, I was ready to go. I enlisted the help of a model, Megan (aka Lysandra Midnight), who was more than eager to participate.   Gypsy Fortune teller with crystal ballDuring my last wedding shoot, my 580ex II bit the bullet. I would have sent it in for repair but I did some super glue repair and figured that CPS wouldn’t work on it. That being said, I bought a new Canon 600EX-RT as a replacement and used it to light up the globe and my model. I then added two White-Lightnings with grids on either side of her head to add a bit of light on the head-scarf and shoulders.

In post-processing I changed the white balance to add a bit of warmth. I added a moon shot I did a while back and masked around the model to allow the moon & clouds to come through. This is pretty much a “work in progress” as I’m sure I’ll create a few variants of this particular shot.