Back from the Can/Am Photo Expo

FocusNY was held in conjunction with the Canadian/American Photo Expo that was held in Buffalo, NY.  There were 3 days of training seminars and workshops. Friday I attended Cheryl Belczak’ “Lighting Techniques for Photographing Glass” and a Portrait/Fashion series by Dana Nordlund called “A Quest for Light“.

Rather than booking a room, I decided I would drive back to Rochester then come back in the morning; big mistake!  It made for a really short night and a really long day. I left Rochester at 6 am and arrived at the Adam’s Mark Hotel at little after 7:30 am. After a quick breakfast I attended Tony Corbell‘s “Let’s Talk Light for Weddings” seminar.  Immediately after Tony’s seminar, Will Cadena had a lecture and walkabout with models at Silo City; this lasted from 10 am to 5 pm.  Will conducted a “Lighting on the Run” workshop for the GRPP here in Rochester

It was heavily overcast (great for photography), cold (bad for the models), wet  and drizzly (Bad for all of us) but we all ventured out to Silo City in what turned out to be a great session. I’ve added a gallery of my photos below.

Can-Am Silo City Shoot

Saturday evening Tony Corbell was the Keynote Speaker for PPSNYS. There was a Fashion Shoot from 9pm to 11pm “Night on the Town” but I opted out since I didn’t get much sleep the night before so I headed out to my hotel room.

Sunday was the last day of the Photo Expo. I took Brian Matiash’s lecture on “The Visual Palette: Defining your Photographic Style”  which turned out to be more about Lightroom. Since there were no other lectures that interested me I decided to make one last sweep of the vendors. Depending on how you look at it it this was either a mistake or good fortune, I ended buying a new mottled grey backdrop.  Since this was a custom order I got to pick the color shades and style that I wanted. Hopefully when it arrives in 2-3 weeks it’ll be what I expected.